In 2018, PPS Group opened a Welding School in cooperation with the Welding Research Institute in Bratislava and VALTEC. In addition to the cooperation with the United Vocational School in Detva, PPS Group thus offers people who have already graduated at school or have not yet come into contact with engineering the chance to become a welder. In the past, they were trained in the Adaptation Centre, but we decided to improve and expand its capacity and focus in the Welding School project.


The primary objective of the Welding School is to train new welders, even among “non-machinists”. It also provides for the retraining and extension of the qualifications of existing employees and the performance of specialised work tests required by technical standards.

The PPS Group Welding School has been certified by the Welding Research Institute to conduct theoretical and practical training according to STN 05 0705 (Regulations for basic examinations of welders), ISO 9606 (Welding of steel, aluminium, copper), ISO 13585 (Hard soldering and soldering iron test) and ISO 14732 (Certification tests for fusion welding operators and resistance welding operators for fully mechanised and automated welding of metallic materials).

Classes at the Welding School are taught by one of our most experienced welders, namely Peter Nociar.

Cooperation with Research Institute and Practice

The professional guarantor and certifying authority of the school is the entity that is the most competent in Slovakia – the Welding Research Institute in Bratislava. The opening ceremony of the school in May 2018 was also attended by its director Ľuboš Lopatka, who said on that occasion: “Almost everyone who works in the engineering sector is somehow connected to Detva. Our institute is one of the ten best in the world, so it is natural that we cooperate with the best in Slovakia. I am very happy that PPS Group has the ambition to educate a new generation of welders and we want to be helpful in this.”

For example, the institute has equipped the school with a unique welding simulator, which the interested persons could also try out at last year’s Profesia Days in Košice.

Technical equipment and support for the Welding School was provided by ZVAR Centrum, which equipped it with modern LORCH welding aggregates for several types of welding.


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