1955 - 1996


Start of Operation
We started manufacturing in production hall No. 3 on an area of 22,000 square meters.
Development and Prototype Production
Establishment of a development site and prototype workshop, which developed the D 031k excavator.
With the introduction of the OT 810 armoured personnel carrier into the product portfolio, the company's core production programme was established.

Sales Success
The company brought to the market a hydraulic rotary loader with the type designation HON 050, which, thanks to modernisation, became the best-selling product manufactured under the PPS brand.

Innovations for the Construction Industry
The company launched production of the SATUR 035k telescopic excavator, which was a novelty in the construction machinery market.

UNC loaders and Development of Weaponry
A new type of loader, the UNC 151, was launched in the construction machinery segment as developed by PPS employees.
In the area of special production, the production of armoured tracked vehicles BVP-1 begins, which represented the world's top class vehicle, which has been of quality comparable to the equipment used by the army in this category to date.

30 Thousand UNC Loaders
In cooperation with the Research and Development Institute in Zvolen, production of UN 050 loaders begins. The loader was produced in various modifications until 1995. Sale of 30 thousand units is unique in the field of construction machinery.
First “Rebranding”
Podpolianske strojárne Detva changed its name to Závody ťažkého strojárstva, š.p. Detva.
Automation and Robotisation
Start of production of the UNC 200 large capacity wheel loader, a modification of which, the UNC 201, was produced until 1998.
Innovations focused on industrial robots (OJ 10) and manipulators for welding (OM).

Beginning of Cooperation with the “West”
Signing of the Cooperation Agreement with Hanomag AG Hannover, Germany, which can be seen as the cornerstone of PPS's current strategic focus as a partner of world-class original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Licensed Production
Entering into a licensing agreement with CESAB Spa Bologna, Italy, for the manufacture of forklifts and establishing cooperation with CET Salt Lake City, USA, for the development of the new CET loader line.
1991 - 1996
Conversion of the Armaments Industry
In the company operating again under the business name Podpolianske strojárne Detva, š.p. (PPS DETVA, š.p.) extensive changes were performed: the conversion of the armaments industry and the related expansion of the production programme of construction machinery to include wheel-steered skid steer loaders, the expansion of the range of articulated loaders to include the Detvan 500, Detvan 650 and Detvan 850, the expansion of the production programme to include a new generation of machines - off-road telescopic handlers, the introduction of the production of fixed drive axles, and the production of harvesters. Cooperative relations were established with John Deere, Bitelli and Sima. Several subsidiaries were established abroad, as well as the PPS KRIVBASS joint venture in Ukraine.

1997 - 2003
Conversion into a Private Company
The state-owned enterprise PPS Detva was transformed into the joint-stock company PPS Detva a.s. and gradually integrated into DMD Holding, a.s.
2003 - present


Since 2003, the company has been operating under the business name PPS Group, a. s. The company’s core production programme is focused on the manufacture of complex weldments – frames, arms, booms, other kinematic components and other steel structures for renowned manufacturers of mining, construction, handling, agricultural, forestry machinery and machines. For the time being, an additional production program is the final production of the HON 200 loader and the production of jigs.

Expansion of the Production Portfolio
Gradual expansion of the production portfolio to include products for Atlas Copco (now Epiroc) customers and a production programme for booms and arms for a Volvo customer.

Detva Industrial Park
The company's strategic investment plan was to create and subsequently increase capacity, particularly in the Detva Industrial Park located directly on the PPS site.

International Success
The HON 200 loader was awarded the trade fair prize at the International Engineering Fair Agrokomplex in Nitra.
Expansion of Production
Diversification of the portfolio to include the production of wagons for Siemens, massive investment in progressive technologies and the development of strategic cooperation with existing and potential customers, e.g. in the field of injection moulding machines.

Production for New Industrial Segments
Expansion of the product portfolio to include the production of frames for mobile cranes, chassis for the infrastructure sector or the production of crushers and frames for forestry equipment.