We apply the "WE CARE" principle in our business

PPS Group is one of the European leaders in the large welded steel structures segment. We combine extensive experience of our loyal employees and state-of-the-art technologies. We are a modern company focused on development and growth, investing massively in reducing our environmental impact, modernising and training our employees.

We truly care about our customers and their satisfaction. We care about our reputation and do our utmost to ensure that we can always be perceived as a reliable and punctual supplier to major international clients. We care about being competitive and efficient – that’s why we invest in optimising production processes, logistics and material preparation.

“Our ambition is to become the European market leader in this segment. I believe that our long-term strategy, the investments we have made and planned, together with our commitment and experience, will make us successful.”

Dr. Daniel FutejChairman of the Board of Directors

We also care about our employees and their professional growth. Some have been with us for decades and their experience and skills are indispensable to us. Although we are introducing automation and robotics into production, the work of human hands will always be key in our segment. This is because we mainly produce in small batches, for which it is not worthwhile to set up robotic production lines.

Our people are encouraged to pursue professional growth and self-development. We cooperate with several high schools and universities, support research and development, and test new materials, technologies and work processes. We have our own training facilities, which we use as needed to recruit and train new employees, especially welders and CNC operators.

We also care about the impact our business has on the environment and the communities in which we operate. We minimise and recycle waste, use renewable resources, and protect our people from the adverse effects of the working environment.