Creation of technical drawings

Designers and engineers provide technical support services such as drawing 3D models, drafting design documentation (engineering drawings), processing accompanying documentation or parts catalogue with the use of AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor.

Preparation of material

On the basis of submitted technical documentation it is possible to process the required type of material by cutting, sawing and burning. Oxy-acetylene and plasma cutting machines are used for burning.


Our press brakes are capable of producing pressures from 150 up to 800 t, with a maximum length of pressed material of 5000 mm. Sheet straighteners, bending machines, pipe bending machines or thread rolling machines are also available.


Manual welding is carried out by highly qualified personnel using MIG/MAG, TIG, CMT welding equipment. For submerged arc welding we use the GOLEM 1200 welding equipment. Welding of mainly rotating assemblies and booms is realized by IGM and OJ 10 welding robots. Welded materials: Classes S235 to S960. Special steel types (thickness 1 to 150 mm).

Mechanical machining

Mechanical machining of details and smaller assemblies is performed using lathes, drills, milling cutters and grinders. The company is equipped with modern NC and CNC centres for machining larger welded constructions.

Surface treatment

Depending on the parameters of individual products and the requirements of customers, painting is performed in a chamber painting line with tunnel surface pre-treatment, on a circular suspension conveyor using clock cycle or in a separate painting and drying box and a multi-mode painting booth, on railcars and overhead groove, with high-pressure surface pre-treatment.

Painting line

Pre-treatment of the parts‘ surface (degreasing and ferric phosphating, rinsing and drying) is carried out in tunnel line with the use of shower method, using Henkel products. Subsequent painting and drying of the base and top paint is carried out in separate painting and drying boxes. The base paint is applied by low pressure equipment, the top paint is applied by high pressure equipment as well.

Separate painting and drying box

Surface pre-treatment (degreasing and ferric phosphating) is carried out by high pressure equipment using Henkel products. Painting of the base paint is carried out by medium-pressure spraying equipment, top layer by high-pressure equipment.

Multi-mode paint booth

The fully automated multi-mode painting booth BLOWTHERM T1 ensures the entire painting and drying process. After adjustments the painting booth has dimensions 16 x 5 x 5 m and transport of parts is performed by rail carts.


The quality management system has been certified according to EN ISO 9001 since 2005. PPS Group is also certified according to SOQ AQAP 2110:2017 (production of defence products), STN ISO 3834-2 (welding quality system), DIN 18800, DIN 15 018 , DIN 4132, EN 1090-1+A1 (welding system of steel structures), DIN EN 15085-2 (welding of railway vehicles and their parts) and accredited calibration laboratory of the company meets the requirements according to ISO/IEC 17025. The environmental management system in the company has been introduced and certified according to ISO 14001 standard since 2013.