Human Resources

People and employees play the key role in our processes and provide the knowledge needed to reach the objectives and goals of PPS Group a.s. (a joint stock company). Employee care, for us, has the same priority as customer care. The development of human resources goes hand in hand with the development of the whole company. Modernization, economic growth and strategic goals are therefore the driving force in our recruitment and selection of new employees, education and development of the human resources and motivation and global employee care. It results in a stable team with low fluctuation rates.
Since the human resources work has a long-term effect, the company evaluates stable employees and awards them different bonuses. Furthermore, it is important to take care of their safety and health. Safety and health protection are a priority for the company's management. There are organized rehabilitation stays with various treatment procedures.

What Is Ahead: - The long-term employee development and education project. Tailor-made assessment of individual training needs is realized by the DC (Development Centre)
- Project to improve internal communication

Sport Game PPS Group a.s. (a joint stock company) organises sport games for its employees every summer. There are plenty of sport competitions and disciplines and people get the opportunity to socialise with their colleagues and superiors with delicious meals and drinks. The event aims at improving relations and strengthens the solidarity of all employees within the company.

Rewards - Annual adjustment of salaries
- Contributions to cultural events
- Donations and gifts for work and life anniversaries
- Contributions to recreational activities of employees and their family members
- Extra contributions for meals
- 13th salary conditioned by the results of the financial year
- Contribution for regular blood donors

Healthcare PPS Group a.s. (a joint stock company) organises wellness stays for its employees. More than 100 employees visited wellness hotels in 2011.

Cooperation with Schools and Graduate Program - PPS Group a.s. (a joint stock company) cooperates closely with secondary schools to recruit new employees, especially for the production operational positions. The projects in the secondary schools are financed by EU funds. The projects include trainee programs abroad with our foreign partner companies. The company provides financial support and employment counselling for the 9th grade school students as well as a professional guidance for their teachers. After joining the PPS Group Inc., the secondary school graduates enter the training centre PPS Group a.s. (a joint stock company)

- The field trips are organised for students from secondary schools and universities and spaces are provided for their practical education. In regards to universities and further education, we offer support and consultancy to outstanding students completing their theses and dissertations.

- PPS Group a.s. (a joint stock company) offers an employment opportunity to graduates from technical universities. An individual training plan is tailored to the needs of every graduate. The plan can vary between six and twelve months depending on the candidate. It involves participation in every section of the company with the emphasis on the graduates’ field of study and their future career in PPS Group a.s. (a joint stock company) For further information, please contact the Department of Human Resources PPS Group a.s. (a joint stock company)

Development and Education PPS Group a.s. (a joint stock company) train and educate their employees as we emphasise the importance of sustained progress of each individual. We support development and education, which is paid back in the form of improved work performance of our employees. Employee education in PPS Group a.s. (a joint stock company) is divided into:

- Mandatory trainings are required for our employees to perform their work with professional competence
- Professional and management training (seminars, conferences, congresses, MBA and MSc programmes)
- Development of “soft skills”

Average costs of training and staff development have increased by 10% in twelve months.
PPS Group a.s. (a joint stock company) also supports its employees with individual education during university studies.

History of the Training Centre The Training Centre was established in 2006 with the intent to train new recruits due the complexity and uniqueness of the production process. The Training Centre has been adjusted to the needs of the company and developments on the labour market. It specialises in education of the following professions: welder, horizontal fitter and fitter/tack welder. There are 165 employees who have successfully completed the training programmes since the opening of the Training Centre in February 2007. In 2008 and 2009, the company was hit by lowered production volumes and was forced to release some employees. Therefore the Training Centre started to train and retrain internal employees to increase their flexibility.

Mission of the Training Centre The Training Centre focuses on providing and essential information to newly recruited employees. It ensures that essential skills and competencies are attained. It also provides periodic retraining in practical parts of national welding tests for our employees.

Our tutors in Training Centre include our top employees with many years of experience and teaching skills. In the field of welding, the tutor is an international welding specialist IWS with long years of practical experience.

Induction Process in the Training Centre People with insufficient qualification or experience are given opportunities at our Training Centre.

The training takes place at welding work sites using specific types of machines. The employees are assessed on a regular basis during their training process. The assessment is done by the trainer at the end of each week. The trainees are also assessed by the training committee at the end of each month.

Following a successful completion of the training programme (minimum of three months), the new employee is assigned to a work group where the progress is continually monitored.

Basic Tasks 1. Providing care and essential information to all newly recruited employees
2. Organisational and technical education and training for unskilled/inexperienced workers
3. Regular assessments (carried out by the Development Centre)
4. Elaboration of training plans for individual employees (carried out by the Development Centre)
5. Professional supervision
6. Assignment of employees into the work environment
7. Retraining and reassignment of employees from redundant professions to the professions with open vacancies

Scheduled Tasks 1. Retraining of metal workers after the assessment carried out by the DC - an action plan of rotation and theoretical training for operation of CNC machines
2. Developing multiple professions and skills for workers in production - reassignment and retraining of employees from the redundant profession to the demanded professions
3. Developing coaching potential

Summary results of the Training Centre Skill and knowledge levels are elevated.
Results concerning knowledge and skills are obtained on the basis of the employee assessment and the final value is averaged for each profession.

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