We are aware of our responsibility for the environment and the impact of our business on the communities in which we operate. While pursuing our activities we strive for an active approach and prevention of environmental problems. We have implemented an environmental management system in accordance with STN EN ISO 14 001:2005.

We use natural groundwater resources to supply the premises with drinking water. All waste water generated in the area is treated in our own waste water treatment plant. We use renewable energy sources for heat production. We invested in the reconstruction of heat distribution network and boilers for wood chips burning.

We reduce the environmental impact of our activities by:

  • selecting the best available technologies for new projects,
  • operating a wastewater treatment plant,
  • reducing waste production by introducing its consistent separation,
  • recovery of the maximum amount of waste,
  • measuring and minimizing occurring emissions,
  • minimizing the use of non-renewable resources,
  • regular analysis of the state of the environment.

Any suggestions, ideas and questions about the environment may be submitted at: environment@ppsgroup.sk

Information on the state of the environment in PPS Group Inc. Detva pursuant to Section 33a of Act no. 17/1992 Coll. on the environment, as amended:

  • Environmental information for 2019
  • Information on recovery and recycling rates in 2018 – Packaging
  • Report on eligible emission measurement