The Environment

PPS Group, a.s. (a joint stock company) takes full responsibility for its environmental practices. Compliance with the current legislation is key for the environmental protection. The company strives to protect the environment and prevent it from harmful effects.

In order to achieve improvements in overall environmental protection, the company implemented an environmental management system according to EN ISO 14 001:2004 in 2013. For the certificate confirming our compliance with the standard of this system see section Quality. The environmental policy was established to set a framework for environmental management and for identifying priorities and setting appropriate environmental objectives and targets.

Environmental politics (PDF)

The natural resources of groundwater are used to supply drinking water to the site. The sewage tanks are used to treat all waste water on site. A wood chip burning boiler installed in 2007 is used to increase the utilization of renewable energy.

The impact of our activities on the environment is reduced by:

  • Selecting the best available technology for new projects
  • Operation of a sewage plant
  • Reducing waste through separation
  • Recovering maximum quantities of waste
  • Measuring emissions we generate
  • Minimising the use of non-renewable resources
  • Regular analysis of the environment

Suggestions, ideas and issues related to the environment can be addressed to:

Information about the environmental conditions in PPS Group, a.s. (a joint stock company) Detva in accordance with Art. 33 of Act No. 17/1992 Coll. on the Environment, as amended: 

Environmental report from 2018 (PDF)