Partnership and Collaboration

Slovak Engineering Cluster:

The vision of the first engineering society is to build a highly prestigious and modern engineering base in terms of human resources, new technologies and innovations for the establishment of subcontracting chains. The society operates in a field of strategic projects for the production of construction machinery for the transport, forestry and agriculture industry.
PPS Group Inc. is a member of the first engineering society. The company’s aim is to improve the mutual communication between engineering companies, educational and development & research institutions. It also allows us to access the most up to date technological information.

Economic Council of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) at the Slovak University of Technology (SUT):

The objectives of the Economic Council of FME SUT:

  • Improving the teaching process with a focus on practical needs
  • Creating conditions for transfer of knowledge between FME SUT and industrial enterprises in order to facilitate mutual development
  • Increasing employment opportunities for FME SUT graduates
  • Providing ideas in the field of applied research at FME SUT as required by industry practice
  • Promoting transfer of results of scientific research at FME SUT into industry practice

PPS Group a.s. (a joint stock company) also co-operates with:

  • Town of Detva
  • Combined Secondary School, Detva
  • Technical University, Zvolen
  • Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava
  • Labour and Social Office, Zvolen
  • Regional government in Banská Bystrica
  • Prvá zváračská, a.s. (a joint stock company)
  • Simex Control SK, Ltd.
  • Welding Research Institute
  • Industrial Institute of SR
  • SNAS Slovak National Accreditation Service