Human Resources

People and employees play a key role in our processes and provide the knowledge needed to reach the objectives and goals of PPS Group a.s. (a joint stock company). Employee care, for us, has the same priority as customer care. The development of our human resources goes hand in hand with the development of the whole company. Modernization, economic growth and strategic goals are therefore the driving force in our recruitment process and the selection of new employees, the education and development of our human resources as well as the motivation and global employee care. It results in a consistent team with a low fluctuation rate.
Since the human resources work has a long-term effect, the company evaluates stable employees and awards them with different bonuses. Furthermore, it is important to take care of their safety and health. Safety and health protection are a priority for the company’s management team. There are organized rehabilitation stays with various treatment procedures available.

What lies ahead:

  • The long-term employee development and education project. Tailor-made assessment of individual training needs is realized by our DC (Development Centre)
  • Project to improve internal communication