We work with the following public and private partners:

  • City of Detva
  • Joint High School, Detva
  • University of Technology, Zvolen
  • Slovak University of Technology, Bratislava
  • Office of Labour and Social Affairs and Family, Zvolen
  • Banská Bystrica Regional Government
  • First welding, Inc.
  • Simex Control SK, Ltd.
  • Welding Research Institute – Industrial Institute of the Slovak Republic
  • SNAS Slovak National Accreditation Service

Slovak Engineering Cluster

The vision here is to build a prestigious and modern mechanical engineering base, prepared in terms of human resources, new technologies and innovations for the emergence of subcontracting chains in the field of strategic projects for the production of construction machines, transport industry, forestry and agriculture.

When recruiting new employees, we work closely with secondary schools and implement projects funded from European Union resources as well – such as internships abroad in partner companies. We support the recruitment of primary school pupils and the education of teachers. We organize excursions for students of secondary schools and universities, creating space for the conduct of professional practice.

In the area of ​​quality improvement, we cooperate with the Research Institute of the Welding Industry Institute, the First Welding Inc., University of Technology in Zvolen and the Consulting & Control of Welding Ltd. as well as with other companies.