One of our company’s biggest assets is its approximately thousand employees. Many have been working for PPS Group for decades and their experience and skills are irreplaceable for the company. As we mostly produce in small but very demanding series, robotics and automation cannot be introduced into production across the board. The work of human hands will therefore be the basis of our expertise for the future.

In recent years, we have massively invested in renovating production halls, lighting, HVAC equipment and reducing the exposure of our employees to dust and noise. We have introduced measures to increase safety at workplaces, protection against accidents and fire. Even now we are making further investments in improving the work environment of our employees.

In communication we promote the principles of open doors and friendly relations. We have implemented programs to support loyalty and satisfaction of our employees. We provide housing, health care, reconditioning stays and additional benefits that go above the legal requirements.

We invest in new equipment and technology so that our employees have the opportunity to self-realization and remain competitive. Taking care of employees is the same priority for us as caring for customers.